Designed to work in any Smith & Wesson M&P model pistol in all centerfire calibers, the patented Apex Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit reduces trigger pre-travel and over-travel to deliver an unparalleled trigger performance as close to that of a single-action 1911 but in a polymer striker-fired pistol…

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This is the premier trigger kit for the M&P, taking a standard striker-fired trigger pull and elevating it to a trigger as close to that in a single-action 1911 that you can get in a polymer duty gun. This patented kit is engineered to provide the M&P pistol owner with a smooth, consistent trigger pull with the advantages of shorter over-travel and shortened trigger reset. Using a combination of the Apex springs and factory sear and trigger return springs allows the user to set the trigger pull weight within a range suitable for duty/carry down to a weight desired for competition. This drop-in trigger kit will:


??Reduce trigger pull weight to approx. 3 to 4 lbs.

??Reduce overall trigger travel by approximately 40%

??Reduce trigger pre-travel, over-travel and reset distance

??Smooth the uptake and reset

??Deliver a crisp trigger break

??Maintain factory safety values with a center mounted pivoting safety

??Direct drop-in replacement parts, not fitting required

For Use In These Guns 

For use in all Smith & Wesson original centerfire M&P models. NOTE: Requires use of sear housing block designed for large size sear plunger and spring (current production as of June 2011).

Does Not Fit These Guns 

Not for use in the M&P M2.0 models, any M&P Shield models, or .22 caliber M&P models.

What’s Included 

1 ea. Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger

1 ea. 3-Dot Forward Set Sear

1 ea. Heavy Duty Trigger Return Spring (Green)

1 ea. Duty/Carry Trigger Return Spring (Silver)

1 ea. Sear Spring

1 ea. Blue RAM Spring

1 ea. Ultimate Striker Block

1 ea. Striker Block Spring

1 ea. Talon Tactical Tool

1 ea. Slave Pin

Additional information

Weight 0.0625 kg
Dimensions 3.9 × 4 × 1 cm

Apex Tactical Specialties


Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit








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