The Art of war redefined


We believe in Redefining the Art of War through the individual person and not purely procedures. A harmonious blend of frequent, realistic, intuitive & efficient training with the appropriate tools, with the belief in the Warrior Expert Theory, we assist individuals to utilize the power of recognition to respond appropriately in a Dynamic Critical Incident.

Panda Tactical started in 2010 as a Firearms Brokerage to attend to the needs of Southern Maryland.  Our Founder, Eliott Cheng, realized that a client-centric to purchasing a self-defense firearm is the most efficient method and is desperately needed. In 2013, after attending local & national training sessions/events, our Founder wondered about the realism and effectiveness in the training materials.  He and some of the other senior members of Panda Tactical’s Consultancy discovered that most of the training was based in methodology.  Most of these courses were simply “Administrative Paper Hole Punching” with no attention paid to the individual’s unique set of circumstances or physical abilities. As we vetted multiple, nationally-recognized curriculum, we needed a blend of client-centric and procedural knowledge based coursework.  After extensive research, development & testing, In 2018, The Panda Tactical Training Division was founded and a cadre of core instructors were trained & certified by the USCCA. Panda Tactical believes that a harmonious blend of frequent, realistic, intuitive and efficient training of the individual with key components of procedural knowledge, and custom-tailored consulting on defensive tools will enable all our clients to properly defend themselves and those they cherish.

Pistol Training

Our pistol classes range from beginner to intermediate. Each class is specially tailored to your capabilities and will help you become more informed on your pistol and your shooting skills.

Self-Defense Training

All of our classes are filled with Self Defense information, but maybe you want to take it to the next level. Our self defense specific classes will help you become a force for good in a Dynamic Critical Incident (DCI). 

Rifle Training

Maybe you built one, maybe you bought one… either way you need some training for that new rifle! These courses are built to make you a better shooter and a better defender. 

- USCCA Certified -

 All of our instructors are proud to be certified by the USCCA.

This certification allows Panda Tactical to provide an

 Unparalleled Level of Readiness to our customers. 

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